Belgium: Custom voting solution enables seamless election experiences for all

Smartmatic delivered election support to 4,243 polling sites in 185 municipalities in Belgium’s most populated areas

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Philippines: Second automated elections are successful

As a result of fast, peaceful elections, ratings agencies upgraded the country’s investment status

Brazil: Improving communications advances municipal elections

Technology to enable data and voice communications across the sixteen most isolated states during the 2012 elections.

Mexico: Biometric registration improves the country’s civil registry

More than 2,000 mobile biometric units to help authorities gather fingerprint, iris, facial features to build a digital civil database

Curaçao: Technology and services improve island nation’s elections

In January 2010, the Electoral Council of Curaçao successfully held Parliamentary Elections using voting automation

Smartmatic in Zambia

Zambia: Country’s voter register goes over to biometrics

In 2010, the UN chose Smartmatic to improve Zambia’s electoral register, selected on the strength of its flexibility and accuracy