Los Angeles Case Study

Los Angeles County—Voting Solutions for All People

Los Angeles County cited Smartmatic’s unparalleled experience throughout the world as the primary reason for choosing Smartmatic as the VSAP partner

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Brazil's municipal elections, 2012

Brazil is one of the world’s voting technology pioneers. Brazilians have been voting electronically for over 15 years.

Curaçao's parliamentary elections, 2010

On 22 January, 2010, the Electoral Council of Curaçao held Parliamentary Elections. This was the third time we’ve worked in this country.

Venezuela’s 2015 parliamentary elections

This was the 14th national election in which Smartmatic’s voting system was used in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s 2013 municipal elections

The December 8th, 2013 elections represented an opportunity for Venezuelans to renew their local authorities.

Venezuela’s 2012 regional elections

On 16 December, 2012, over 17 million Venezuelans used Smartmatic’s state-of-the-art voting technology platform.