VSAP Los Angeles voting machine

Los Angeles County 2020 - present: VSAP Modernizes Elections

Los Angeles County selects Smartmatic to partner on its Voting Systems for All People (VSAP), a model for American’s 21st Century elections.

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United States: Secure election technology for the US

Providing innovative election technology to protect election integrity and to make voting easier and more accessible.

Argentina 2017: Secure Voter Authentication Solution

Authorities hired Smartmatic to furnish a solution that would enable poll workers to swiftly manage voter authentication.

Armenia - Smartmatic - Electronic voting

Armenia 2017: Biometric Technology Verifies Voters

Our innovative solutions enabled poll officers across the country to accurately verify the identity of the voters.

Smartmatic Lombardy

Lombardy 2017: Election Automation Facilitates Voting in Italy

24,700 voting machines were deployed across the entire region to capture the vote of the 7,895,484 voters.

Sierra Leone - Smartmatic

Sierra Leone 2017: Civil Registry and Voter Register

Authorities were able to create a new National Civil Register and a Voter Register to be used during the March 2018 elections.