Albania 2021: Enhancing Election Integrity

Smartmatic completed a four-month implementation for the voter authentication and a six-week installation for electronic voting.

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Oman 2016: Fastest Election Results

Results announced 4 hours after polls closed - the fastest in Oman's history.

LA County - California 2016: Technology Enhances Primary Elections

A digital pen that looks and feels like a traditional pen, improving the election process.

Brazilian flag

Brazilian elections 2012, 2014 and 2016: Improved Election Efficiency and Transparency

As the world leader of the elections industry, Smartmatic has partnered with TSE to help improve the efficiency and transparency.

The Philippines 2016: Automating the elections for the third time

The automated Philippine elections constitute the largest vote-counting projects in the world.

Utah 2016: Republican Presidential Caucus

Conducting the world’s first ever government election in which blockchain technology was used.