VSAP Los Angeles voting machine

Los Angeles County—Voting Solutions for All People

Los Angeles County selects Smartmatic to partner on its Voting Systems for All People (VSAP), a model for American’s 21st Century elections.

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Argentina 2019: Most accurate, fast and transparent provisional tally in Argentina’s history

Only three hours after voting ended, 70.48% of the tallying reports had been digitized, securely transmitted and uploaded into the system.

Belgian elections 2012 - 2019: Customized voting solution for a pioneer in electronic voting

Voters and poll workers have benefited from seamless election experiences using Smartmatic technology.

Estonian elections 2014 -2019: Solution for the world's leader in online voting

The Estonian i-voting solution is the longest-standing, most technologically advanced, and highly trusted internet voting solution in existence.

Norway 2018 - Empowering Finnmark citizens through online voting

Voters of all ages preferred to cast their ballot electronically, with 95% of voters aged 17 - 60 participating online.

United States 2005 – 2020: Secure election technology for the US

Providing innovative election technology to protect election integrity and to make voting easier and more accessible