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Oct 03, 2016

Working in the Philippines: Passion and pride in what we do

The May 9 elections in the Philippines become a source of pride and a collection of unforgettable experiences for our employees


Sep 15, 2016

Democracy Day: Encouraging citizen participation

Carin Talero played a key role during the “Tu Barrio Gana” initiative, where the company provided an e-voting solution on Chile.


Sep 09, 2016

Health Month at Smartmatic Venezuela

It is important to highlight that we understand health from a holistically definition, comprising physical, mental and societal well-being

Staff Stories

Sep 01, 2016

Elections in the Philippines: the challenge of working away from home for the first time

Liski Ortega, and José Camargo, travelled from our office in Venezuela to be a part of the largest elections with an electronic vote count in history ...

Staff Stories

Aug 15, 2016

“With every proposal delivered we plant the seeds of a future ripe with recognition and success”

These are the words our Sales Support Sr. Manager, Edgar Fino, uses to describe all the travels he has embarked on

Staff Stories

Jul 21, 2016

A Dragon to recognize heroism and professionalism

This year Smartmatic awarded a Dragon to Denver Morales, one of our colleagues from the Electoral Business Unit, who works from our Panama office.

Staff Stories

Jun 27, 2016

Workspaces and productivity

Defining a “workspace” in Smartmatic is a complicated task. Why? Because it can mean many different things.

Staff Stories

May 19, 2016

Social media in the office

Sharing the success, we have reaped is a very effective way to make employees identify with the company

Staff Stories

Apr 13, 2016

Productivity in the office: Tips to make the most out of meetings

In a tech company, it is important to define work schemes so that projects can be adequately followed through.