FAQs: Smartmatic lawsuit against Michael J. Lindell and My Pillow, Inc. (“MyPillow”)


Why did you file this lawsuit?
Mr. Lindell deliberately and repeatedly published defamatory statements about Smartmatic that injured our reputation as a company providing secure, reliable and auditable election technology and software worldwide. As the CEO of MyPillow, Mr. Lindell generated profits for his company by skillfully incorporating product promotions to his defamation campaign.

We seek to recover economic and non-economic damage caused by his actions, as well as punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs. We also seek a declaration requiring Mr. Lindell to retract his false statements and implications fully and completely.

What is Smartmatic claiming?
Lindell embarked on a campaign of lies about Smartmatic in an effort to garner publicity and, in turn, increase MyPillow profits. Lindell falsely claimed that Smartmatic manipulated votes in states and jurisdictions across the United States, including states in which Smartmatic technology was not involved in election activities. Smartmatic’s role in the 2020 US Presidential election was limited to the successful, secure and uncontroversial provision of its technology and services to Los Angeles County.

Why wait until January of 2022?
We took the time we needed to evaluate the applicable legal principles and facts. Filing a lawsuit is not something we take lightly.

Why is MyPillow being sued in addition to Mike Lindell?
Mr. Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow. He was acting as MyPillow’s agent and within the scope of his office and employment when he disparaged and defamed Smartmatic. Mr. Lindell used his business acumen to market MyPillow products in the wake of the 2020 Presidential election. Mr. Lindell’s media appearances defaming Smartmatic were also largely promotions for MyPillow products and MyPillow’s website to this day promotes Mr. Lindell’s defamations of Smartmatic. The two are intricately interwoven.

Will Smartmatic file any additional lawsuits?
Smartmatic will always defend itself against unwarranted attacks and is keeping all its legal options open and continues to investigate claims of defamation and disparagement.

Where was the complaint filed?
The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota. Mr. Lindell is a resident of Minnesota and MyPillow is based in Minnesota.

How is this suit different from the suits against Fox Corporation, Fox News and its anchors, Rudolph Giuliani, Sidney Powell, OANN and Newsmax?
While there is some similarity between the actions of the various defendants, the defendants defamed Smartmatic in different ways, in different forums, and for different purposes.

In your previous filings you claimed damages of $2.7 billion. What damage are you claiming in these cases?
Actual and punitive damages owed by each of the defendants will be determined at trial. We very much look forward to detailing our losses to a jury.