Mike Summers

Head of eGovernment (EMEA & APAC)

Mike Summers is a technology expert with over 15 years’ experience helping governments and election management bodies drive digital transformation to modernise their election process. He is currently the [position] for Smartmatic.

Before joining Smartmatic, Mike worked in consultative leadership positions for election-technology companies. He was the commercial lead for the 2012 Scottish Local Government electronic counting project and managed the election modernisation project of the UK Ministry of Justice in 2007. He also led the project for the delivery of the first nationwide voter registration project in Saudi Arabia (2005).  

Mike took part in the USAID-funded initiative to bring accessible electronic voting for citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has overseen electronic voting and internet voting projects in France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Chile, USA and Norway.

Mike has authored several papers and articles on digital democracy and how technology can enhance electoral integrity. He holds a PhD from the University of Portsmouth in the UK.