Our history

Smartmatic has helped hundreds of millions of voters cast 5 billion votes in thousands of elections around the world. Better use of technology in voting systems increases not only the transparency, efficiency and integrity of an election but also makes voting more accessible, allowing societies to reverse declining trends in turnout and citizen participation.

We are continuing to bring our groundbreaking approach to new countries every year and we are ardent promoters of the benefits of election automation. Explore our timeline to discover some of the key milestones in our history:


May, 2021

7 elections in 6 countries over 5 months

We helped our clients delivering cutting-edge technology, systems integration, warehousing, logistics, recruiting and training, and Help Desk operations.

November, 2020

VSAP Debuts in Los Angeles

More than 913,000 Los Angeles County voters cast in-person ballots using the Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) ballot marking devices built by Smartmatic. The company manufactured 31,000 BMDs in total. More than 19,400 were deployed to 791 vote centers for the election.


May, 2019

The Philippines conducts 4th national automated election

Smartmatic provided the infrastructure for transmission of the results, the ballot boxes and batteries. In 2018, the Philippines had purchased 92,509 Smartmatic optical scanners to automate vote counting.

March, 2019

Estonia’s online voting system sets new participation record

Online participation reached 44,4% of all votes cast during the recent Estonian elections. The Parliamentary Elections held from February 21 - March 3 saw an increase of 40% in online participation over the same elections in 2015.


October, 2018

Woman uses Smartmatic technology during the 2018 Belgian electionsOur technology helps deliver timely results in Belgian local elections

Our customized election solution allowed Belgian authorities to broadcast timely results during the local elections held across the country.

June, 2018

Modernizing elections in Los Angeles County

The Los Angeles County selects Smartmatic to help election authorities manufacture and implement the County’s new system for 2020.

June, 2018

Founding member of the US DHS Council to protect election integrity

Smartmatic joined the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Sector Coordinating Council, (SCC) for the Election Infrastructure Subsector

May, 2018

Online voting participation reaches 85% in Norway

Voters in the northernmost province in Norway –Finnmark- used the Smartmatic-Cybernetica online voting solution during a referendum. 85% of participants preferred voting online.


October, 2017

Italy's first fully automated election

To organize such crucial vote, authorities relied on us as technology and services provider. 24,700 touch screen voting machines were deployed across the entire region to capture the vote of the 7,895,484 eligible voters. 

October, 2017

Voter using Smartmatic biometric technology during the 2017 Argentinian electionsOur biometric technology is successfully deployed in Argentina

The National Election Chamber of Argentina used Smartmatic technology to validate the identity of voters in the provinces of Chaco, Corrientes, Jujuy, Formosa, Misiones and Salta, and in 14 municipalities of the Greater Buenos Aires.

April, 2017

Efficient voter management in Armenia

We deployed more than 4,000 VIU-800 devices to authenticate voters biometrically at the polls during the Parliamentary Elections held in April. Our technology also helped operators manage polling stations.

January, 2017

Poll worker using Smartmatic technology to register a voterVoter registration in Sierra Leone

Our biometric technology helped authorities in Sierra Leone to register voters across the entire country ahead of the 2018 national elections.


December, 2016

Voter casts a ballot with Smartmatic technologyModernizing elections in Oman

Authorities from the Sultanate of Oman deployed Smartmatic vote counting machines in each polling station, bringing technology closer to the voters, and making the process more efficient and transparent.

March, 2016

Voters praise Internet voting in Utah

Our online voting system had a welcome effect: the Republican Party in Utah witnessed an increased voter turnout during their primaries. 80.07% of the voters who registered online cast their votes from 45 different countries.

94% described the experience as good and 97% stated they would prefer voting online in the next elections.

February, 2016

Biometric technology in use during Ugandan elections

We deployed 30,500 biometric devices to authenticate, with utmost accuracy, the identities of voters taking part in the Ugandan general elections.
Here are some testimonials from the voters who used this technology.


December, 2015

Women tests a Smartmatic voting machine in ChileOur i-voting and e-voting technology empower citizens in Chile

Chileans from the Commune of Maipu had the opportunity to cast a ballot either online or to vote in person in precincts equipped with our electronic voting machines. Citizens voted to decide on how to allocate public funds among 225 projects proposed by the community.

November, 2015

Smartmatic electronic voting KyrgyzstanSmartmatic brings end-to-end electronic voting to Kyrgyzstan

We deployed an end-to-end solution encompassing biometric authentication and electronic voting to help conduct the student senate elections at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) in the city of Bishtek, Kyrgyzstan.

November, 2015

Streamlining election results transmission in Sierra Leone

Our technology and services enabled election authorities in the remote coastal town of Bonthe in Sierra Leone to streamline result transmission. For added transparency, authorities were also able to certify the results via biometrics.

November, 2015

City of Richmond tests groundbreaking election technology

The City of Richmond, Virginia tested our ePen during the November 3 General Elections. This ground-breaking new technology allowed officials to significantly streamline the reporting process and transmission of results.

July, 2015

Three Mexican states modernize its elections with Smartmatic

JuOperators in a results consolidation center in Mexico ly marks our third participation in a Mexican election after assisting authorities in Campeche and Tabasco earlier in June. This time, we helped Chiapas election authorities to streamline preliminary results during the local elections.

July, 2015

Our first election in Argentina

We conduct our first major election project in Argentina. The electronic voting Smartmatic elections Argentinasolution implemented in the cities of La Falda and Marcos Juarez, delivered official results only 45 minutes after polls closed.

June, 2015

Smartmatic ISOWe are certified by ISO

Our company is awarded an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification as well as an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, reflecting our commitment to excellence and a compromise to continuous improvement.


Empowering participatory democracy in Chile

Smartmatic elections in ChileWe helped citizens from the Buin commune in Chile to move towards a more participatory model of democracy during the seventh edition of the "I opine" citizen initiative.

June, 2015

Improving public safety in the Philippines

The Philippine Province of Bataan inaugurates a state-of-the-art Command Center powered by our technology, which will help authorities improve public safety and emergency management, serving as the command center for the Metro Bataan Development Authority and Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.


November, 2014

Achieving social impact through technology-enabled solutions

Smartmatic CEO, Antonio Mugica and Chairman, Lord Mark Malloch-BrownWe launch SGO, a new venture committed to helping governments to better serve their citizens, starting with the areas of elections, government efficiency, pollution control, and identity and privacy management.

October, 2014

Our technology is used to expedite presidential election results in Brazil

Brazil general electionsAlso in October, Brazil uses our technology to facilitate efficient voice and data communication services for 15 of the country’s most remote states during their general elections.

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October, 2014

Modernising UK elections

A poll worker using the ePenThe ‘ePen’ (a digital pen to improve the speed, accuracy and integrity of the traditional ballot counting process) is used for the first time in a local election in the UK.

June, 2014

We create in Estonia the Centre for Excellence to advance Internet voting

Smartmatic Internet VotingThe multidisciplinary centre of research and development will study and develop the process of voting over the Internet on a global scale.

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May, 2014

Belgians vote for three elections on the same day

Belgians vote with Smartmatic technologyBelgium conducts the first European Union Parliamentary election ever to use a voter verified e-voting solution, with our technology.

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February, 2014

Successful electronic voting election in Ecuador

We deliver auditable and secure results in record-breaking time.

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Smartmatic updates civil registry in Haiti

We partner with Haiti’s National Identification Office to update its civil registry system

By creating a better database, we can help Haiti provide its citizens with better services

April, 2013

Venezuela organises its Presidential elections in record time (34 days), thanks to our voting technology and services

As they’re completely auditable and accurate, they also help the country trust in results where the two main candidates were separated by just 1.49%. All parties audit the voting platform no less than 15 times.


November, 2012

Former US President Barack Obama casts a ballot on a Smartmatic machine

Our technology is used in the USA

President Obama votes on a Smartmatic voting machine in Chicago

The system is secure, accurate and accessible – and provides a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT).  


Smartmatic opens London office

We open our new HQ in London

We are now 600 people in 15 offices around the world.

October, 2012

Belgium chooses us to design and manufacture its election hardware and software for the next 15 years

We deploy the first batch of 20,000 machines and in October, Belgium has a successful automated election – our first in Europe.

October, 2012

Election services for Brazil

We set up a staggering 500,000 voting machines – and hire and train technical support staff for over 400,000 voting centres. We also configure and deploy 1,320 BGAN Sabre satellite terminals to transmit election results reliably and securely. 



Smartmatic in Cartagena

A smarter transport system for Cartagena

We win an 18-year contract to implement and operate an automated fare collection and fleet management system in Cartagena, as part of this Colombian city’s new integrated mass transport system.


We continue to grow and invest in research and development  

We open our third R&D centre in Panama – and new offices in New Delhi.



Smartmatic's voter register for Zambia

A new voter register for Zambia

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) chooses Smartmatic to biometrically register Zambia’s citizens for voting. The number of Zambians registered to vote increases by 40%.

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May, 2010

We help deliver the largest fully outsourced automated election in history

Filipino voter casts ballotA staggering 50 million voters take part in the Philippines general election, all of whom are able to see the results in less than a day, despite being spread over more than 7,000 islands.

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January, 2010

A massive earthquake hits Haiti

We send in people and equipment to help improve public services by registering its population.


August, 2009

Poll workers transport biometric equipment

The world's fastest biometric registration programme

We break another record, this time for the fastest biometric voter registration in the world – five million Bolivians in under 75 days. 

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Mexico's biometric registration

We take biometric registration to Mexico, allowing the government to begin issuing its citizens with national identity cards. Our rugged, portable kits provide everything you need to capture biometric data, even in the remotest areas.  

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August, 2008

Smartmatic counting machine prints resultsWe run the Philippines’ first fully automated elections

We win a complex bid to provide a pioneering voting solution for Mindanao province that increases voter participation and delivers results in record time.


We continue to grow in the Far East and South America

We open offices in Manila, the Philippines, Buenos Aires, Argentina – and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


April, 2007

Voters in Curazao test Smartmatic e-voting technologyWe organise and run Curacao’s elections in record time

Over 76,000 citizens take part in the most populated island of the Dutch Antilles' Insular Council elections. Our secure voting technology platform is easy to use and completely auditable. As a result, all parties accept the results' validity.  


Next generation command and control. Saving lives and money

We deliver an emergency response centre for Caracas. Latin America’s most advanced yet, it will monitor around 3,000 variables concerning the city in real time  and will enable operators to handle over 1,000 emergencies a day. 



The USA's only encrypted election results transmission  in the country's third biggest jurisdiction 

We provide technology and services to the City of Chicago, the only jurisdiction in the US with encrypted results transmission. It’s the third biggest, after LA and NYC.



Validation from people who matter

The Carter Center, founded by Jimmy Carter to advance human rights, and the European Union validate our voting technology as secure, reliable and auditable.


We launch our technology in the US markets 

They're ready to benefit from our secure voting technology platform that offers people auditable elections that deliver rapid results.  


We open our R&D centre in Taipei.



Our first automated election and the first in the world to feature a paper trail

After a few years trying e-counting, the Venezuelan National Electoral Council brokered a competitive tender to provide e-voting technology that would guarantee total accuracy, efficiency and transparency by automating the entire election. We won and began conducting the Venezuelan elections in 2004. It was the first election in the world to feature a paper trail – what’s called a VVPAT – a voter-verified paper audit trail. This feature has now become a de facto standard worldwide. Why? Because it allows voters to verify that the machine has properly recorded their choices. It also enables audits and recounts. 


Our HQ moves to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.



We launch our advanced automation platform, NEA

Enabling hyper-secure connection between devices, it’ll form the basis of our future election platform.


Smartmatic e-voting machineWe develop our first voting machine.



We launch our bank branch automation solution, based on our Smartnet platform, to increase security for key customers in the Mexican banking sector.


We file our first 20 utility patents in the USA.



We launch Smartnet -one of the earliest platforms to enable the 'Internet of Things'- a solution designed to make online protocols highly secure.



Smartmatic founded

Smartmatic was founded in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA.