Rosa E. Vento

Director - Procurement & Supply Chain

Rosa is responsible for providing a vision for strategic sourcing planning, development, evaluation and coordination of Smartmatic’s integrated supply chain. Her purview includes all supply chain functions, including logistics, facilities, office administration, travel and purchasing across the organization.

Rosa is a proven natural leader with over 20 years of experience in Integrated Supply Chain Management and Operations, spanning strategic sourcing, product and business development, contracting, supply discipline programs, customer service, travel management, logistics, maintenance, process standardization, ERP implementation (Oracle, SAP), etc. working within various multinational companies such as AT&T, Telefonica, and Cable & Wireless.

She truly enjoys leading people and finding better and more efficient ways to create success cases both for the company and individual employees, with a strong belief that there is no problem that cannot be overcome.

Rosa has a Master’s Degree in International Business from ADEN Business School/SBS Swiss Business School, and is a certified coach by The International Association of Coaching®.