Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott, Business Product Manager

Business Product Manager

As Business Product Manager, Jeff oversees our response operations to opportunities that open in the United States.

Jeff has worked in the identity management and biometric field for 18 years, providing technology and services for the US Federal Government and international markets.

From 2009 to 2012 Jeff worked with Smartmatic as a sales engineer and operations manager for projects like the Haitian National ID and 2012 Brazilian elections.

Previously, he worked at the Department of State deploying and managing teams as part of the BioVisa program –one of the world’s largest biometric deployments at the time. Jeff held a vast number of State Department certifications around the systems used within Consular Affairs. 

Jeff has worked for ImageWare systems where he set up numerous multi-modal biometric matching systems including biometrics like face, finger, iris and DNA for various federal agencies. He was instrumental in organizing one of the first partnerships to build a compliant HSPD-12 system for the US Federal Government. He also designed and managed the Tactical Biometric Collection Management Systems (TBCMS) for the Navy.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Connecticut and has held numerous certifications around engineering solutions like Novell and Microsoft, technical training and security certifications.