Meet the team responsible for leading our innovative employees towards our mission of increasing citizen engagement and trust, enabling better societies and better governments.

This leadership team gathers US election experts and technologists versed in every aspect of electoral processes and technologies across all states and territories.

Kevin Shelly

President – Smartmatic USA

Hugh Gallagher

Director - Sales USA

Samira Saba

Director - Communications

Liliana Armas

General Counsel - Americas

Edwin Smith

Director - Certification

Rosa E. Vento

Director - Procurement & Supply Chain

Los Angeles - VSAP Project - Management Team

James Long

VSAP Project Director

Dan Murphy

VSAP Engagement Director

Angie McWhorter

VSAP Project Manager

Kate Nelson

BMD Product Manager

Brian Jacobson

BMG Product Manager

Toni Ralph-Starks

Service Delivery Manager

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