About Smartmatic

Smartmatic is the global leader in secure, accessible, transparent election technology & support services. We believe in equality and justice for all.

Our company was founded on the simple idea that technology can help ensure the integrity of elections. Established in Florida in the wake of the 2000 election, Smartmatic focused on building the most secure, accessible and easy-to-use election technologies ever designed, to safeguard the election process from start to finish.

Today, Smartmatic is the world leader in election technology. From Chicago to Manila. From Utah to Belgium. And from Los Angeles to London – since 2003 Smartmatic has successfully designed and implemented secure voting technologies for election commissions on five continents in 25 countries.  We’ve recorded and tabulated more than 5 billion votes with zero security breaches.

As an approved U.S. Department of Defense vendor and a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security Council for the Election Infrastructure Subsector, Smartmatic does not rely on any single application to secure the integrity of elections. We utilize multiple layers of protection, security measures and control mechanisms throughout our voting systems. We pioneered voting machines that produce voter-verified paper records, a feature that has now become the de facto standard worldwide. From tamper-proof data collection to end-to-end encryption to fully auditable logs, our technology safeguards votes at every step.

Committed to innovation, Smartmatic invests substantial resources in its three R&D centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We have deployed the world’s most technologically advanced and highly trusted internet voting solution. By using cutting-edge technologies, Smartmatic is making online voting and online ballot delivery a reality to power safe at-home voting and safe absentee voting for military personnel, diplomats and others who are far from home.

To learn more about our approach to election automation, read our CEO’s article The Case for Election Technology.