2 million secure, election-ready devices deployed worldwide.

Backed by industry leading support services.

90% of Filipinos want automated elections to continue.

They trust the technology is accurate.

Better elections mean more trust

Cutting-edge, secure voting technology

30+ countries, 6.5 billion votes.

Put our experience to work for you.

Effective support for successful elections.

A trusted partner delivering best services for every phase of your election.

The World Leader in Secure Election Technology

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Election Solutions

Smartmatic delivers secure technology and a full suite of services to support election officials with running any type of election, ensuring integrity in every step of the election process.


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  • Precinct Tabulation
  • Ballot Marking 
  • Central Scanning
  • Election Management
  • Deployment & Support Services
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Government Solutions

We create and deploy technologies that help governments be more transparent and efficient, and provide better services. Find out how we use our expertise to benefit both governments and citizens.


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