Smartmatic’s Global Experience Summary

Smartmatic has been supporting large-scale election project around the world since the early 2000s. Follow are just a few brief examples of our experience. Full case studies are available on our website at

United Kingdom: Working in partnership with CGI, Smartmatic is delivering electronic vote counting and results reporting for London’s May 2020 elections. The e-counting solution will ensure ballot papers are processed quickly and accurately and are fully auditable.

Belgium: Since 2012, Smartmatic has been Belgium’s exclusive poll-office election technology provider. We have deployed more than 31,500 voting devices across 185 municipalities. To make Belgian elections more inclusive and increase participation, our voting machines function in all three of the country’s official languages: Flemish, French and German.

Italy: Smartmatic powered the first fully automated election in Italy, which took place in the Lombardy region in 2017. Lombardy is the most prosperous and populated region in Italy. We deployed 24,700 touchscreen machines to capture votes on an autonomy referendum from some 7.9 million eligible voters.

Brazil: Smartmatic has partnered with Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (TSE), the nation’s election body, to improve the efficiency and transparency of the national elections in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Working with in-country partners, Smartmatic ensured election services to 5,568 municipalities using 500,000 voting machines.

Argentina: In Fall 2019 Smartmatic helped officials in Argentina process and publish election results in record time during its general elections. Smartmatic provided secure technology for the digitation and transmission of tally reports from over 10,000 voting centers to two consolidation centers. Approximately 1,700 operators at the consolidation centers transcribed and loaded the data, which was made public just hours after the polls closed.

United States: The Republican Party of Utah selected Smartmatic to provide an online voting solution during its 2016 Presidential Caucus. Smartmatic provided its proven online voting technology, allowing party members to participate from anywhere in the world. Voters from over 45 countries, including French Polynesia, South Africa and Japan, took part. Nearly 90% of voters registered to vote online participated in the caucus process.