Smartmatic Remote Voting Solution Successfully Debuts in Mexico

40% of the registered electorate voted online using the Smartmatic's remote voting solution, TIVI

Mexico City – June 6, 2023 – The National Electoral Institute of Mexico provided Mexicans living abroad with the option to participate in elections for the states of Mexico and Coahuila through various methods: in-person (at consulates and embassies), remote online voting from anywhere, or traditional postal voting.

Almost 2,000 people (40% of the registered electorate) voted online using the Smartmatic’s remote voting solution, TIVI, which was available to them from May 20 to June 4.

For the first time in Mexican elections, citizens originally from Coahuila and Mexico had the opportunity to vote in person at embassies and consulates to elect their state governors to six-year terms. A voter reception module was set up in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Montreal, Canada, so that people could easily and securely use the Smartmatic remote voting platform.

Unlike any other remote voting solution, TIVI offers a universal digital verification method that allows voters to confirm the integrity of their cast vote. Once the vote is cast online, the system sends a QR code receipt via SMS or email. This verification receipt enables the voter to check that their vote has been securely deposited in the electronic ballot box.

“Smartmatic’s remote voting solution made it easier for Mexican voters abroad to participate. We are delighted to assist Mexican authorities with technology that enables safe and accessible voting from anywhere,” said Andrés Rombolá, Smartmatic’s President for Latin America.

TIVI is a secure, accessible, and verifiable voting tool that offers voters the convenience and flexibility to cast their vote online from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. The solution was designed and developed by the team behind Estonia’s voting platform and has been successfully used in Estonia, the United States, Norway, Chile, Benin, Scotland (UK), Canada, and Germany.