International Elections Conference features Smartmatic innovation and global experience

Maldives, July 11, 2019.- Smartmatic, the world’s largest election technology company, highlighted its innovative technologies – from mobile voting to state-of-the-art voting equipment –during the 18th International Electoral Affairs Symposium organized by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) in the Maldives.

During the three-day symposium, July 3-5, leading experts on elections and representatives from Smartmatic joined election administrators from five continents to discuss a wide variety of election-related topics, such as misinformation, social media, voter participation, disenfranchisement, cybersecurity as well as offer their perspectives on technology and election administration.

A highlight of the symposium was a panel called “Ensuring Participation on an Increasingly Mobile Population: Secure Mechanisms for Voters Away from their Registered Address.” Participating in the discussion was Smartmatic’s online voting director Mike Summers who used Smartmatic’s successful implementation of Estonia’s remote voting system to demonstrate the importance that secure online voting will play in the future as voters continue to demand more convenient and simpler ways to participate in democracy.

Smartmatic is leading the effort to develop and implement secure online voting technology having cofounded in 2014 the Smartmatic – Cybernetica Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting (SCCEIV). Since then, Smartmatic has deployed its online voting solution in Norway, Chile, Estonia and the 2016 Republican Caucuses in the United States.

Daniel Murphy, engagement director for Smartmatic, presented “How a Speedy Count Makes Better Elections: The Philippine Case.”  Last May, the Philippines conducted its fourth consecutive automated election using Smartmatic technology. Results were available two hours after polls closed. A random manual audit, which contrasted paper ballots to electronic results, proved the accuracy of the electronic counting system. The manual audit yielded a 99.9953% of accuracy.

The event was moderated by Paul De Gregorio, former commissioner of the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) from 2003-2007 and member of the Smartmatic USA Board.