Smartmatic CEO shares the Future of Voting and Technology at 2015 Founders Forum for Good in NYC

New York, United States - October 8, 2015 – Some of the world’s most dynamic digital entrepreneurs, including Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica, met in the 2015 Founders Forum for Good in New York City to discuss how modernizing technology can help governments improve democracy.

Referring to the digital technologies being developed to promote better governments, Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic’s CEO, said: “In the near future, there will be platforms and tools that will increase the levels of engagement existing between governments and citizens. The raw political energy that now manifests through Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, will find better and more adequate channels of communications. New platforms will allow for a more fluid conversation and a more productive dialogue.”

Smartmatic’s CEO participated in a group debate entitled:  How can citizens help engage with government better?  The debate was led by Steve Hilton, former director of strategy for British Prime Minister David Cameron and founder of Crowdpac.

In 2016, according to NYU Law School’s Brennan Center study, 43 states will use electronic voting machines that are at least 10 years old, perilously close to the end of most systems' expected lifespan. As elections are set to take center stage in the coming year, both in the United States and abroad, and as technology plays an increasingly dominant role in elections, the need for innovative and up-to-date technology to avoid failures is even more imperative.
With that as a backdrop, Mugica discussed how major technology trends, including new voting devices, the rapid growth of the Internet and mobile, can improve the effectiveness of the democratic process and subsequently change the face of democratic participation.

“The future of digital voting will increasingly look less and less like it does today,” said Mugica. “As we’ve seen with new form factors and in future-thinking countries like Estonia, new technology will reshape the democratic landscape for the better. Our technology makes voting more convenient, accessible and easy to use.”

Of the eight countries currently pioneering election automation, Smartmatic provides voting technology and services to six of them. In the United States, Smartmatic has provided technology and support services to the Electoral Commissions of 307 counties in 16 states, including Chicago and California.
“As the Brennan Center study clearly shows, the United States is in dire need of a new approach to voting technology,” said Mugica. “Smartmatic is committed to providing counties and states with the most advanced technology and know-how to ensure voters have a positive voting experience.”

To date, close to 700,000 voting and counting machines have been deployed by Smartmatic in the world, including the United States. In fact, President Obama has voted twice with a Smartmatic voting machine.

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