Cordoba sets new standard for electronic voting in Argentina

London, United Kingdom - July 5, 2015 - The cities of La Falda and Marcos Juarez in the province of Cordoba became the first cities in Argentina to announce results during the provincial elections held last Sunday. Using Smartmatic technology authorities published results only 45 minutes after voting ended. 

For this first voting experience using Smartmatic’s fully-verifiable system, a total of 104 machines were deployed to assist almost 35 thousand voters in the two cities. In addition to providing the SAES-3377 voting machines, Smartmatic guaranteed timely tallying, transmission and consolidation of the results. 

Commenting on the success of the experience, Luis Vecchi, Smartmatic’s president for the region said: “Together with the people of Cordoba, we achieved a great feat, publishing results of the electronic voting in less than one hour after polls closed. We’ve successfully helped commissions around the world to transition from manual to electronic voting. It is an honor for us to be helping Cordoba in this transition.”