Karen Jimeno joins Smartmatic for voter education efforts

Manila, The Philippines - November 18, 2015 - Columnist and TV host Karen Jimeno recently joined Smartmatic as Head for Voters’ Education.

With eight years of teaching experience under her belt, law professor Jimeno will be responsible for the voter education campaign jointly undertaken by Smartmatic and the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

“We are here to enlighten voters on how the automated elections work, and to increase transparency for the voting process,” Jimeno said.

Jimeno said that Smartmatic is also assisting Comelec in developing a website for the 2016 Philippine elections.

“The website, which Comelec aims to launch in December, will be loaded with voters education information—news, step-by-step instructions on how to use the vote counting machines (VCM), social media feeds, a database of all candidates, and even an online application for media accreditation,” Jimeno said.

In addition, she said, Smartmatic will be supporting Comelec’s voter education roadshows.

Jimeno has started to perform her role as educator for the 2016 Philippine elections.

In a “Bantay Boto” forum organized by students’ organizations and civic-oriented groups, Jimeno will be speaking along with other invited speakers Senator Koko Pimentel, and representatives from Comelec and PPRCV.  The forum will be held at De La Salle University on November 13, where Jimeno is expected to discuss the new vote-counting machines (VCM) and the ongoing source code review, among others.

“We want to equip voters and stakeholders with all the knowledge and information they need to meaningfully participate in the 2016 elections,” Jimeno said. “We are taking concrete steps to do this. For instance, we opened the source code for public review more than six months prior to the 2016 elections.”

She added that Smartmatic and Comelec are working hard to encourage the electorate to “go out and vote, secure in the knowledge that their votes will be counted correctly.”

Jimeno, a Harvard graduate licensed to practice law in the Philippines and in New York, joins other notable personalities behind Smartmatic.  Smartmatic’s Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown was former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and former Vice-Chairman of the World Economic Forum.  He also served in the British Cabinet, as Minister of State in the Foreign Office, and now sits in the House of Lords.