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Instituto Georgia Tech defende a adoção de abordagens de segurança inovadoras para sistemas eleitorais


Documento propõe padrões de design, avaliação e gerenciamento voluntários para sanar as preocupações crescentes com a cibersegurança

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Smartmatic demo PPCRV

Vote Counting Machines proved secure in PPRCV demo11/30/2015

The VCMs complement security features in the ballots. All ballots will contain a bar code which includes specific information.

Smartmatic Karen Jimeno

Karen Jimeno joins Smartmatic for voter education efforts11/18/2015

Jimeno will be responsible for the voter education campaign jointly undertaken by Smartmatic and the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Smartmatic electronic voting Kyrgyzstan

Smartmatic brings end-to-end electronic voting to Kyrgyzstan11/18/2015

Smartmatic recently deployed a solution to help conduct the student senate elections at the American University of Central Asia.

Smartmatic launches new office in Dubai10/30/2015

Election technology leader expands presence in the Middle-East and North-Africa.

Smartmatic Chairman advocates for election modernisation in the UK10/29/2015

"I have seen how electronic voting technology can improve democracy for citizens and governments in all countries", stated Mark Malloch-Brown.