Identity Management

Identity management systems are crucial for modern societies. They help grant citizens access to their unique rights and privileges; they enable governments to plan and provide services; and they facilitate the commercial transactions that make economies thrive.   

At Smartmatic we developed an ecosystem of technology solutions that offer citizens, governments and private entities the most convenient, efficient and secure way to manage identities.

Our Identity Management technology facilitates key processes such as registration, validation, authentication and document issuance, utilizing biographical and biometric multimodal information.

Our ecosystem includes:

  • Digital Identity Solution. A platform that allows governments and organizations to conveniently and securely issue verified digital identities to any eligible citizen.
  • Specialized hardware for biometric registration and authentication of people, integrated in a multimodal biographic and biometric information processing system.

We comply with international recommendations and good practices, such as: International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO, American National Standard for Information - ANSI, International Organization for Standardization - ISO or the Advancing Open Standards for the Information Society - OASIS.