Smartmatic debunks myths surrounding electronic voting

United Kingdom, London - May 27, 2017 -  Ramaakanth Sake, President of Smartmatic Asia Pacific, debunked some of the most common myths that surround electronic and other election technologies, during the 14th International Electoral Affairs Symposium organized by the International Center for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) in Sri Lanka.

Basing his presentation on Smartmatic’s experience around the world, Ramaakanth demonstrated how electronic voting is more secure, cost-effective, accurate and auditable than traditional methods used to register and count votes.

Ramaakanth also explained to the audience the many benefits that election technology has brought to millions around the world. “Today, approximately one third of the world’s voting population uses technology to cast their votes. This number is increasing as election commissions understand the advantages technology has to offer.”

The ICPS symposium, held on May 24-26, brought together international election management bodies, NGOs, donor agencies and other relevant stakeholders to share their experiences and network while discussing the current challenges facing election management.

During the event, Smartmatic representatives showcased its innovative technology and explained how it can improve the administration of different stages of the election process.

The ICPS promotes effective policy making and good governance through better interaction between Parliaments, Governments and other stakeholders in society. This UK-based institution carries out a substantial amount of work to support those involved in managing electoral processes across the world, by providing a range of different services such as consultancy, training, networking and research.