Smartmatic Expands Global Footprint


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New Clients in the United States, Europe and Asia Embrace Secure, Trusted Technology

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Smartmatic presents next generation online voting system to enfranchise expatriates in Romania 10-02-2019

Legislation for online voting in Romania is currently in the draft stage

Strengthening presence in the United Kingdom 07-02-2019

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Smartmatic continues to strengthen its presence in the UK electoral market participating in events hosted by SOLACE and the AEA

Smartmatic unveils new voting machine 31-01-2019

The presentation took place during the 17th International Electoral Affairs Symposium in Ghana

CGI and Smartmatic to deliver electronic vote counting solution for 2020 London elections 13-12-2018

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The e-counting solution will ensure ballot papers are scanned and processed quickly and accurately, with full auditability of results

Blockchain, online voting, and the future of elections 04-12-2018

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Smartmatic joined a panel discussion entitled “How Mobile Voting Will Change the World” at Blockland Solutions Conference