Identity Management Solutions

The most convenient, efficient and secure way to manage identities

Identity theft and related fraud is a growing problem for modern societies. Biometric- and biographic-based identify management systems help solve these problems. For governments, they ensure citizens have access to civil services and they facilitate better planning and delivery of public services. For businesses, they enable secure operations and facilitate the commercial transactions that help economies thrive.  

Smartmatic has developed suite of tools that offer citizens, governments and commercial entities the most convenient, efficient and secure way to manage identities.

  • Digital Identity Solution. A seamless, end-to-end app-based platform that is secure, simple to use and scalable. It allows governments and businesses to conveniently and securely issue verified digital identities to any eligible individual.
  • VIU Desktop. Specialized hardware for biometric registration and verification of citizens’ identities in a multimodal biographic and biometric information processing system.