Venezuela's elections, 2004-2015

From 2004 to 2015, we provided Venezuela with class-leading technology and services to increase the efficiency and transparency of every phase of its elections, from voter authentication to results broadcasting. The 14 elections conducted using our technology were audited by political parties, voters, NGOs and multinational organizations. Observation missions such as the Carter Center, the Organization of American States and the European Union, validated the quality and reliability of our technology. Nobel Prize-winner and ex US President, Jimmy Carter, whose Carter Center has observed over 92 elections in 38 countries, has called it ‘the best voting system he’s ever known’.In 2017 we stopped servicing the National Elections Council. Shortly after, we ceased operations in Venezuela.

Venezuelan elections

Venezuela’s 2015 parliamentary elections
Venezuela’s 2013 municipal elections
Venezuela's 2013 presidential election
Venezuela’s 2012 regional elections
Venezuela’s 2012 presidential election
Venezuela’s 2010 parliamentary elections
Venezuela’s 2009 constitutional amendment referendum
Venezuela’s 2008 regional elections
Venezuela’s 2007 constitutional reform referendum
Venezuela’s 2006 presidential election
Venezuela's 2005 parliamentary elections
Venezuela’s 2005 municipal election
Venezuela’s 2004 regional election
Venezuela’s 2004 recall referendum