What we are doing to slow the spread of Coronavirus

As the world rallies to cope with the unprecedented impact of Coronavirus, we hope that you, your family, your coworkers and your community are healthy and staying safe by following the guidance of your local officials. As a society, we must employ our inventiveness and follow the advice of healthcare professionals, including social distancing guidelines, to minimize the negative impact of this crisis.

At Smartmatic we are using our technological expertise to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus and to ensure that business and government can continue operations. We are focused on our core strengths in three areas:

Election Continuity

The coronavirus crisis challenges democratic institutions to remain stable and productive. The best way to do that is by continuing to serve the electorate with fair and transparent elections. This requires innovative approaches to avoid delaying events while ensuring the safety of voters and all election workers.

Smartmatic recognizes that jurisdictions may not be able to drastically adjust their voting methods for their next election. The best course of action for many jurisdictions may be to focus on finding an appropriate balance between scaling up vote by mail services and making in-person voting and operations as safe as possible.

Let us reduce the burden on you and your staff with our election continuity portfolio

Smartmatic has an entire division dedicated to election deployment support services focused on helping you conduct safe elections as scheduled.
Our risk-mitigation portfolio has been refocused on election continuity during the COVID-19 crisis. The solution includes integrated services and technologies and consists of three programs.

  1. Safe In-Person Voting; mitigate the risk of infection at voting locations.
  2. Safe At-Home Voting; offer an additional voting channel by bringing the ballot to the voter at home.
  3. Safe Election Worker; mitigate the risk of infection at all election facilities.

Learn more about our Election Continuity portfolio.

No election worker should risk their health and no voter should have to decide between exposure to COVID-19 and disenfranchisement!


Fighting this invisible enemy requires the dedication of untold numbers of medical professionals, first responders, and countless others engaged in supply chain and delivery. We are thankful for their sacrifices. To support these professionals, we are working to create safer environments and workspaces.

Airbubbl filtration systems

Airbubbl filtration systems is currently being used in medical transports and ambulances and can filter coronavirus from the air, reducing the potential viral exposure for front-line medical workers.

Mobile Health Passport

Folio’s ‘Mobile Health Passport’ platform enables health status registration, health passport issuance and verification services for governments, health entities and ancillary services.

The Health Passport generates credentials that are secured locally on a person’s smartphone, under the individual’s complete control. It provides confirmed identity, and that the holder has a certificate of immunity that is current at point in time. The platform’s internal security ensures that no certificate can be spoofed, tampered with, or used by another person.

Business Continuity

Despite this crisis, there are essential functions and services that must continue. Smartmatic can help ensure these activities are as safe as possible for those who must continue to travel and be in public places for the good of all. As we reactivate society to normal functions, it would be very important to reduce exposure to the virus.

Airbubbl filtration system for public transport

Minimizes airborne coronavirus in taxis and ride-hailing services.

Air filtration and sterilization for indoor spaces

Air filtration and sterilization systems for warehouses, offices and train and subway stations.

Our teams of technological experts are working around the clock in support these critical needs. Creating solutions to make society better has always been our mission. We’re recommitted to delivering on this promise. There is only one human race and we must play to our strengths to protect it. We are doing our part.

No request is unreasonable. Please contact us. We will step up to help in anyway possible.

Stay safe.

The Smartmatic Team