Smartmatic Introduces Advanced Line of Election Technology

United States, Boca Raton – February 15, 2023 – Smartmatic today introduced its new line of election technology built to next-level standards in security, accessibility and efficiency. Initially designed from the ground up to be compliant with new guidelines in the United States, the product line is available for election jurisdictions worldwide to begin previewing immediately.

Highlighting Smartmatic’s role as the world leader in cybersecurity for elections, Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica emphasized, “the system meets the highest security standards and helps achieve top-notch levels of accuracy and efficiency in administering elections.” He noted, “the technology is scalable to meet the needs of every jurisdiction, and will satisfy election officials with intuitive, uncomplicated operation while delivering a pleasing experience to voters.”

The line includes a ballot marking device (BMD), an optical ballot scanner for precincts (PCOS), an optical scanner for centralized counting facilities (CCOS), and Smartmatic’s Election Management System software (EMS), which helps officials streamline all aspects of election administration.

Adaptable to the preferences of election bodies large or small, the future-proofed devices are designed for auditability, election integrity and outstanding voter experiences. The line is available as a full system or as individual components. Click here for more details.

The components’ designs are based on four pillars:

  • VVSG 2.0 compliance – meeting or exceeding all standards set the by the Election Assistance Committee (EAC), an US independent commission charged with helping conduct better elections.
  • Cybersecurity – technology designed to be secure and securely integrate with election organizations’ legacy systems.
  • User-centered design – intuitive operation for voters and election workers, so workers can operate them with minimal training.
  • Private, independent voting – accessible for all voters, regardless of ability, so everyone participate equally in elections.

Smartmatic is the first company in the US to submit products for federal certification under the EAC’s recently adopted VVSG 2.0 standard. The line has already begun moving through the process.

Smartmatic pioneering work in election technology is carried forth in the new solution, including:

  • Use of exploit-mitigation technologies
  • Cryptographic boot verification
  • Software verification for installation
  • Authenticated operating system updates
  • Multi-factor authentication for critical operations
  • Multi-factor authentication for administrators
  • Randomized vote sequence

Smartmatic is the world’s leading elections and voting technology and services company. Since forming in 2000, it has processed 6.5 billion votes without a security breach in elections on five continents.