Smartmatic: 32 elections in 9 countries in 2022


Smartmatic deployed technologies and services to support officials managing various types of elections

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LA’s Midyear Election: “Voting went very smoothly”12/19/2022

Speaking to radio station KPCC FM, LA Registrar Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan said, “…voting went very smoothly on Election Day..."

Technology improves integrity, speeds results reporting in Kenya’s general election10/20/2022

The robust audit trail provided institutions with the evidence to corroborate the accuracy and legitimacy of results.

Philippine Voters Overwhelmingly Trust the Country’s Elections and Technology07/18/2022

83% of Filipinos who voted felt the results were credible. The highest rating was a whopping 92% among those aged 35 to 44 who voted.

Smartmatic supports LA County 2022 primary 06/14/2022

Smartmatic and Los Angeles County have partnered on more than a half dozen elections since the system debuted in 2020.

Filipinos use election technology to cast 1.6B votes for 18K positions05/10/2022

Results published in near-real time; 85% published on Election Day