VIU Handheld

VIU Handheld being used by a poll worker.VIU Handheld biometric fingerprint reader being used to scan person's finger.Arabic female poll worker registers an arabic female voter to vote using VIU Handheld device.

Efficient voter registration unit

Our VIU Handheld (Voter Information Unit) supports election commissions with the optimization of their voter management processes and the empowerment of poll workers.

The VIU Handheld is a biometric registration and verification device designed to help to create accurate voter databases. Election officials can use the VIU to reliably validate a voter’s identity on Election Day.

The unit is portable, cost-efficient and has a power autonomy of up to 14 hrs.

Furthermore, the unit connects with the software modules of our Election Management Platform, which allows election officials to manage voter data and have full visibility of the process in real-time.

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