Online Ballot Delivery

Bringing the Ballot to the Voter

Traveling, disabilities, relocation, natural disasters and pandemics, such as COVID-19 are some of the reasons citizens are unable to vote in-person at polling stations.

When in-person voting is not an option, and online voting is not allowed by law, our Online Ballot Delivery (OBD) module of our Remote Voting platform offers election officials and voters an accessible and safe alternative. Learn more.

OBD offers jurisdictions and voters a convenient and easy to use method to securely access their ballot online, mark manually or onscreen and return their ballot, either by post, drop-off or electronically.

Smartmatic’s OBD system supports global and local accessibility standards, such as WCAG and is meant for any remote voter.

With our ballot-tracking system election officials and voters always have insight into the current status of the ballot within the voting process.