Internet Voting

Accessible and verifiable online voting with TIVI

As part of our Remote Voting Platform, we offer governments TIVI, a secure, accessible and verifiable online voting solution. Designed and developed by the team behind the Estonian government voting platform, TIVI has been used successfully in the 2016 Utah Republican caucus, Norway and Chile.

Internet voting brings the ballot to the voter. It is the perfect solution to enfranchise voters who are unable to vote in a polling station. It helps to increase participation, reduce cost, improve efficiency and address the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities.

This additional voting method offers voters the convenience and flexibility to cast a verifiable ballot using their own digital device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.), anytime, anywhere.

TIVI is the most advanced, secure and universally verifiable online voting solution for governments. It guarantees end to end integrity of the remote voting process.

TIVI was conceived and engineered by globally recognized experts in election technology, identity management, information security, cybersecurity and verifiable cryptography. This team developed the Estonian online voting solution, which has been used in every nationwide election since 2005.

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