Venezuela’s 2008 regional elections: Scope

These elections were 100% automated, providing voters with 35,050 SAES-3000, SAES-3300 and SAES-4000 voting machines (plus another 3,500 in case of emergency).

An extra 7,264 SAES-4000 machines were added to cater for the 6% growth in the number of voters who had registered since the 2007 constitutional reform referendum.

Smartmatic’s role

We assisted in the preparation, conditioning, installation and operation of every voting center to ensure everything worked properly.
We also provided technical support throughout the election process and were responsible for distributing the voting machines to each voting center.

Who they voted for

During this election, 603 popular election posts were elected. These included: 22 governors, 328 mayors, 233 deputies to the state legislative councils, eight indigenous deputies to the legislative councils and 13 city councilors to the metropolitan councils.

There were 8,294 nominated candidates. 2,505 corresponded to executive posts; 5,789 to collegiate bodies. Some 54 political parties took part in this election, but actually there were 786 nominating organizations including groups at a national, regional and municipal level. There were 295 independent candidates.