Los Angeles County: VSAP voting system is a model for the 21st Century

In 2022, the VSAP system again proved itself to be the user-friendly, accurate and secure solution for LA County elections

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Argentina: A verifiable e-Voting solution yields speedy results in Cordoba

In 2015, Smartmatic’s technology and services enabled Cordoba authorities to publish official results only 45 minutes after voting ended

Brazil general elections 2014

Brazil: Technology facilitates transmission of votes from isolated states

Smartmatic used its satellite technology to expedite the results during the two rounds of presidential elections in 2014

Ecuador’s 2014 electronic voting pilot

Ecuador: Modernizing elections in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas

More than 270,000 voters had access to a fully automated election process in a fully binding election, yielding auditable and accurate results

Haiti Civil Registry

Haiti: Improving civil and ID registries after an earthquake

Smartmatic endowed Haiti with the technology and tools to develop its civil registry in a knowledge and technology transfer program

Philippines: Second automated elections are successful

As a result of fast, peaceful elections, ratings agencies upgraded the country’s investment status