Why does Smartmatic exist?

What we do everyday must be consistent with what we believe in.

March 08, 2012

Why does Smartmatic exist?

There are moments that shake you and drive you not only to act, but to think as well. To think intently and with your eyes closed. This video of Simon Sinek (Talks | TEDx) was one of these moments, and it shook me to the core.

There are several key phrases in the video. It’s around 20 minutes long, and each main idea is followed by another and another. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ve made a list of 5 ideas that help us to answer the question I chose as a title.

1. What we do everyday must be consistent with what we believe in. The circle in the image has three keywords: WHAT – HOW - WHY. According to Sinek, we all know what we’re doing; some know better how to do it, but few are conscious of why they do it.

2. An inspired organization communicates from the inside to the outside.  By this I mean that the organization knows why it exists in the first place and believes in these ideals (e.g. its mission and vision), then it concentrates on how to accomplish this mission and vision (planning and strategies), and finally it concerns itself with the how (actions and day-to-day procedures). It’s something like (my apologies to all philosophers): I believe, therefore I am, and therefore I succeed.

3. If we hire people just because they know how to do their work (well), they’ll work for money. But if we hire people who believe in our mission and vision, they will give their blood, sweat and tears to accomplish our objectives. HR and even the leaders of the company have the tremendous responsibility to find these brilliant minds who believe in what we do.

4. Whether you work next to me or on the same floor and we see each other daily, or if you work in Manila and we seldom meet, is irrelevant: in spite of all our differences we must have a shared motivation. When we close our eyes, let’s picture a world where technologies of great social impact contribute to a better-functioning civilization. That is why Smartmatic exists; if we don’t believe it, it’s better to close up shop.

5. Why is it so important to believe in what one does? There’s a human reason: it’s good for me, it makes me get out of bed every day, it inspires me; or as my boss would say, it amuses me. There’s also a financial reason: people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. When I realize that our technologies are a solution for those governments around the world that want to be more efficient and transparent, my message will surely have passion, and passion generates sales. When I believe with every fiber of my being that the technology I conceptualize / design / develop / market / sell / deploy effectively is actually helping mankind, then we’ll be closer to reaching our objectives.  

Watch the video and let's talk later.