Knowing our Smartmatic women (part III)

Samira Saba, Integrated Communications Director: “You can't communicate what you don't believe in."

May 01, 2014

Knowing our Smartmatic women (part III)

Women in tech

Smartmatic is a technology company and a “people” company. We work together solving problems. In doing so, we help to create a better world. This is how Samira works to fulfill this goal.

Samira Saba
Integrated Communications Director 

“You can't communicate what you don't believe in."

"My job is to tell the world about what Smartmatic does and has achieved, through every possible channel," explains Samira. "I'm always working on our website, a press release, a YouTube video, tweeting or Facebook posts." Samira believes employees need to feel proud of the company they work for. "You can't communicate what you don't believe in." 

Feeling proud is common for employees at Smartmatic because the company aspires to make a significant difference to the progress of communities all around the world. Smartmatic offers technological solutions in two areas: Elections and Smart Cities. The company understands that technology is critical in helping solve large-scale problems and so they implement innovative solutions that advance society in ways never seen before. It is exciting to automate elections electronically. "We have to be meticulous, perfectionist and zealous in order to understand every detail that needs to be addressed in an election. I think women are good at handling details." 

Samira has spent almost ten years devising and writing media content and PR strategies for Smartmatic. Her job is always challenging. As our Integrated Communications Director, she oversees a lot of content about Smartmatic technologies and is constantly impressed and inspired by the extent to which a well-delivered project positively impacts a whole nation and betters the lives of its citizens.