Get the Facts - Smartmatic in Brazil

Who we are. Smartmatic was founded in the United States in 2000. Since then, it has grown to become the world's leading elections company. Smartmatic has worked in to modernize government elections in Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, United States, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines and many more countries.  

Our wide portfolio includes technology and services to make every stage of the election process more efficient and transparent, from the training of voters, poll workers and operators, to the satellite transmission of results, the implementation of biometric devices to authenticate voters, the provision of printers to print voting vouchers, voting machines and devices for voters with some disability; and software to configure the process and monitor the logistic of elections.

Who owns Smartmatic. Smartmatic is a 100% privately owned company with no relationship to any government. From 2004 and up until July of 2017, Smartmatic provided technology and services for every national election held in Venezuela. Throughout this time, the National Elections Council, which is a branch of government, was our client.

Smartmatic is not Venezuelan, it is a British company. Companies have a distinct legal personality which is separate from the owners, directors or employees. Smartmatic was established in the USA-in Delaware in 2000. In 2012, following a period of successful international growth, the leadership of our company relocated the group’s HQ to London, where it is now controlled by a UK Board, in accordance with UK law.

Our track record. We are proud that the most important election observation institutions in the world, such as the Carter Center, Organization of American States, the European Union and the UNDP, have praised our election technology. Jimmy Carter, former US president and founder of the Carter Center, referred to one of our solutions as “The best in the world”.

Of the eight countries pioneering in election automation, Smartmatic has provided election technology and services to six of them: Belgium, Estonia, United States, Brazil, the Philippines and Venezuela.

Smartmatic in Brazil. The voting machines used in Brazil were not made by Smartmatic.

During the last three Brazilian national elections (2012, 2014 and 2016), Smartmatic has facilitated data and voice communication from the remotest areas of the country. Using satellite technology, we helped the TSE to transmit results more efficiently. Smartmatic won these auctions because it offered the lowest price and because it met all the technical and legal requirements set by TSE.

In 2012 we also helped authorities with some support services such as training field operators and providing maintenance and testing to the voting machines.

Champions of verified voting. Since our first election, we have set many world records for election administration. However, one of them makes us particularly proud: conducting the world’s first election in which every voter was given physical copy of his electronic vote. This Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail has become a world standard since.

Our commitment to increase transparency in elections goes beyond the realm of traditional elections. During the recent Municipal elections held in October 2017, Estonia used a technology designed by Smartmatic and Cybernetica to allow each and every voter to verify that their online vote had been counted accurately.