VSAP Los Angeles voting machine

Los Angeles County 2020 - present: VSAP Modernizes Elections

Los Angeles County selects Smartmatic to partner on its Voting Systems for All People (VSAP), a model for American’s 21st Century elections.

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The Philippines 2016: Automating the elections for the third time

The automated Philippine elections constitute the largest vote-counting projects in the world.

Utah 2016: Republican Presidential Caucus

Conducting the world’s first ever government election in which blockchain technology was used.

Uganda 2016 - present: Improving voter authentication

Unequivocal authentication of the identity of the voters before they cast their ballot.

Chile 2015: Citizens Empowered Through Voting Machines and Online Voting

Ensuring that people who were unable to go to a polling place could also vote easily and securely

Elections en Argentine (Cordoba) 2015

Les villes de La Falda et de Marcos Juarez ont été équipées de machines de vote électronique.