Los Angeles County: Building & deploying VSAP, a model for 21st Century elections

Since first deployed for the 2020 primaries, the VSAP system has proven accurate and secure in nearly a dozen LA County elections

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Sierra Leone: Un registre civil national et un registre électoral

Smartmatic de 660 instructeurs, chargés à leur tour de former les quelques 10 500 opérateurs déployés sur les 2 600 sites d’enregistrement.

Uganda: Improving voter authentication reduces identity fraud risk

A biometric voter-verification solution at polling centers positively validated the identity of voters prior to casting ballots

Philippines: The third consecutive time automating national elections

More than 46,000 field technicians and field personnel worked on the ground to provide the support needed for a smooth operation on Election Day

Utah: Republican Presidential caucus uses blockchain remote voting

Smartmatic enabled the world’s first vote in which blockchain technology was used

Chile: Empowering all citizens in Maipu with electronic and online voting

Smartmatic’s technology made the ballot accessible to voters with disabilities and remote voters, ensuring greater community involvement