Election Deployment & Support Services

Poll worker on warehouse- Los Angeles VSAP projectPoll worker on warehouse- Los Angeles VSAP projectPoll worker on warehouse- Los Angeles VSAP project

Effective, flexible event support for successful elections

Smartmatic provides a full suite of customized services beyond hardware and software deployment to ensure your election project is successful.

With the most experienced team in the election industry, Smartmatic supports large-scale election events in challenging environments, in tight timeframes and budgets. We’ve done it successfully in 30 countries on five continents.

Project Management & Consulting

We can counsel your team before, during and after your election event, regardless of its scale and complexity. We can also provide ongoing support services between events.

Our project management methods are grounded in the internationally recognized standards established by the Project Management Institute (PMI). However, we are continuously refining these methods based on our own first-hand experience with elections in 30 countries around the world.

We know how PM efficiency and accuracy impact timelines and budgets. Even small issues ripple outward, forcing organizations to become reactionary and lose focus. Taking an integrative approach across five essential process groups will yield positive results to prevent these kinds of things from crippling your efforts.

Leading effective projects requires not only strong leadership skills, but also a methodological and responsive approach to people, products, and parameters.

Smartmatic has successfully implemented some of the biggest election deployments in the world, including the largest deployment with e-counting machines and the first and only national deployments with voting machines printing voter verified paper trails.

We have extensive experience recruiting and onboarding local staff and training personnel in all critical roles, including poll workers, support personnel, technicians and warehousing staff.

Our Services team provides any service needed to bringing complex projects to success:

  • Massive local recruitment on short timeframes
  • Efficient training, online and/or on-site
  • Train-the-Trainer method
  • Provision and deployment of field support
  • Effective voter education to ensure that voters are ready, willing, and able to participate in elections
  • Education and awareness campaigns to help build trust in the system and the process

For recent elections in Argentina we trained more than 1,500 data-entry operators to process election results. Tally reports were digitized, securely transmitted and uploaded so efficiently that by midnight on Election Day 96.08% had been completed. This allowed election officials to confidently publish preliminary results faster than ever before.

Technology Deployment

Smartmatic designs, configures, certifies and operates any technology-based operations you need for a successful election.

  • Design, installation and operation of data centers. Efficiently functioning data centers require thoughtful layout and flawless installation. Anything less could undermine your success.
  • Database installation, configuration and tuning. Regardless of platform, we bring a depth of experience to database support.
  • WAN & LAN networks design, implementation and support. We can build your network for effective performance regardless of size and capacity.
  • Call center design, implementation and support. We have a portfolio of successful call centers around the world.
  • SMS / GPRS report systems. We can build systems that work in virtually any network arrangement.
  • Election-360 monitoring system. Get control over your entire digital operation in real time.
  • Fast, secure data transmission in any environment We combine expertise across tech categories to ensure your success.
  • Integration of communication providers. We are vendor agnostic, having worked with virtually every major provider.

Supply & Logistics

Efficient procurement processes are key to delivering projects on time and on budget. Having conducted election events around the world, Smartmatic has built networks that allow us to efficiently procure and place materials when and where you need them.

We create custom plans for every customer to meet their standards for quality and price, and to simplify their pre-election processes.

Your election will benefit from:

  • Customization and cost-efficient manufacturing at plants in competitive markets
  • Certified hardware that is rugged yet lightweight
  • A global network of suppliers and logistics providers
  • Complete coordination of international and domestic logistics

In the Philippines, for example, we have delivered and installed thousands of devices for elections on thousands of islands that comprise this island nation.

Our logistics specialists can relieve the stress of complicated plans for acquisition, delivery and return of networking devices and voting equipment. Our experienced supply chain operatives will devise a stream diagram for the entire activity including contingencies. This includes all activities before, during and after equipment production. We can ensure security for all materials used during the project, from staging through auditing and storage, so your fulfillment process is flawless.

We guarantee that all materials are delivered on time to the right destinations, so field workers, poll workers, and election officials can do their jobs properly.

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