Manual Elections

Woman deposits her paper vote into a ballot box.Female voter marks a paper ballot with her choices.A batch of ballots being loaded into a CCOS scanner.

Optimizing paper-based elections

Critical election processes, such as voting, counting and consolidating results are still being done manually in most countries around the world.

In order to increase transparency and improve the integrity of manual elections, we offer several solutions.

SmartTally supports poll workers in polling stations and operators in consolidation centers with the accurate and secure consolidation and transmission of paper tally reports.

Our central scanning solution automates vote counting in manual elections by processing ballots at a central location faster, and more accurate.

The precinct scanner increases the accuracy, efficiency, and transparency of vote counting in precincts while maintaining the paper ballot as a final input for auditing.

With our Election Management Platform, election officials can efficiently prepare, plan and organize their elections, whether the election is manual or automated.