United States: Innovation empowers 35 million voters across 50+ elections

Smartmatic partners with 300 jurisdictions to deliver accuracy & efficiency

Smartmatic most recently supported LA in the June 2022 primary and November 2022 midterm election.

    The company participated in its first US election during the 2005-2006 election cycle, providing technology and support services through a subsidiary company it owned at the time, Sequoia Voting Systems. During this period Smartmatic supported 300 jurisdictions across 16 states, including the deployment of some 60,000 voting devices to the city of Chicago and to Cook County, Illinois. Smartmatic sold Sequoia in 2007.

    Authorities in 3 California cities – Malibu, Downey and Littlerock – worked with Smartmatic on a novel technology for securely scanning and transmitting ballots. During the 2016 Presidential primary election, those towns used the ePen to enable the fast capture of provisional envelopes and vote-by-mail ballots. The pilot program was used in 87 precincts and was 100% successful.

    The Republican Party of Utah in 2016 selected Smartmatic to provide an online voting solution during the state’s Republican Presidential Caucus. This became the world’s first ever vote in which blockchain technology was used.

    Smartmatic was founded in 2000 in Florida. Since then, it has grown to be the multinational leader in elections technology, having supplied voting systems and services to more than 30 countries, including the United States.


    Smartmatic’s R&D labs have produced technology which has facilitated voting, results transmission, vote tallying and other crucial tasks of election administration tasks.

    Voting Solutions for All People

    This portable ballot marking device (BMD) combines a touchscreen user interface, a ballot printer and a secure ballot box one a user-friendly device. Conceived by Los Angeles County election officials with public and professional input, VSAP produces a paper ballot with human-readable text that can be verified by the voter and audited by election administrators. It is accessible for voters with disabilities and can be programmed to display in multiple languages.


    Online voting solution built around the successful Estonian online voting system–the longest-standing, most advanced system in the world. TIVI was successfully used in the 2016 Utah GOP Presidential caucus. Online voting enfranchised Utah residents in more than 45 countries, including places as far as South Africa, Japan and French Polynesia.


    Touchscreen voting machine specifically designed and manufactured for the US market. The Edge2Plus was sold in 2005 to the city of Chicago and to Cook County, IL.


    A device developed to consolidate data from different voting machines, print consolidation reports and transmit precinct totals to a central tabulation center. HAAT is one of the more than 20 US-patented inventions owned by Smartmatic.


    A successful election requires more than good technology, so Smartmatic offers US election officials a wide range of election support services to improve jurisdictions’ operational efficiency.

    Technical Support

    • Election configuration and setup, including: election database configuration, ballot style creation and precinct configuration
    • Testing and certification of election configuration: voting machine configuration, ballot configuration testing, end-to-end system testing and certification
    • Remote technical support to service personnel onsite during the installation and deployment of the election system
    • Onsite technical support during election day
    • Installation of data centers
    • Maintenance of hardware and software
    • Warehouse set up and operation