Londres: Facilitando una solución de conteo electrónico para unas elecciones exitosas

There were sunshine and showers on 6 May 2021 when more than [2.5] million people from 32 London boroughs cast their votes in the local and mayoral elections. Behind the scenes, authorities were prepared to manage the electronic count of the votes in one of the most complex local election in the United Kingdom. 

Back in 2019 the Greater London Authority (GLA) appointed CGI, supported by Smartmatic, to manage the entire vote-counting process, including setting up the three count centres, managing London Borough staff training, and secure vote counting.

Having already supported the successful delivery of the Scottish local elections in 2012 and 2017, CGI had the proven project-management expertise to navigate large-scale elections. As a world leader in the development and implementation of election technology and services, Smartmatic provided the expertise behind the electronic counting solution.