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For 20 years, Smartmatic has been setting the standard for election integrity worldwide. From optical scanners for paper ballots to telephone and internet voting, we can help you run a secure election that is accessible and auditable. Our election services include everything you need for success, from warehousing to logistics to training and voter education programs.

Automating Vote Counting

Our best-in-class polling location tabulators help speed the count. They have been used in the biggest electronic vote-counting projects in the world. Read more.

 Bringing the Ballot to the Voter

Smartmatic’s verifiable Remote Voting Platform improves accessibility and can contribute to increased turnout by allowing voters to securely vote when and where they want.


 Simplifying Voter-Check-In

A trouble-free voter check-in is the start of a great polling place experience. Simple to program and operate, our all-in-one electronic poll books help reduce queues.

 Modernizing Voting

We make voting safe, accessible and fast with our line of touchscreen voting machines that feature intuitive user interfaces, offer reliable performance, and are easy to clean and disinfect.

Results Processing

With SmartTally, Smartmatic simplifies and secures results processing processes in paper-ballot-based elections, herewith improving the integrity of vote tabulation, tally report processing, results transmission, consolidation, publishing and election night reporting.

Managing Elections

Understanding the complexity of elections, we provide an intelligent Election Management System (EMS). This web-based platform makes managing elections easier and more efficient, so you can focus on priorities without distraction.

Curious to learn more about how we have supported election officials around the world to organize successful elections? Check out our case studies or get in touch with us.

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