Smartmatic Webinars

Smartmatic content is designed to start and further conversations about elections, to build community among election stakeholders, academia and subject-matter experts. We hope that this content will help educate and inspire open, honest dialogue.

Crisis Response During an Election

October 6, 2020

The National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard University (NPLI) and Smartmatic moderated discussion and actionable advice on handling unforeseen events during a national election.

Science-Based Strategies for a Safer In-Person Vote

June 24, 2020

Auburn University’s Election Administration Initiative webinar on science-based strategies for safer in-person voting. This webinar featured Drs. Kathleen Hale and Mitchell Brown of Auburn University, election technology expert Ed Smith of Smartmatic, and founder Michael Diamond of The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS), a global health nonprofit active in preventing the spread of infectious disease.

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