"By offering online voting, we expanded the number of options citizens have to participate and made voting as convenient as possible. Technology proved key in engaging citizens and bolstering democracy.”

“There is great satisfaction as to how we have managed electronic voting, an absolute novelty (…). We have experienced the future for Italy.”

"The successful election and record voter participation were emblematic of the Philippines’ vibrant democracy."

"...This year’s municipal elections had the lowest cost per vote since 1996, when e-voting started in the country (...) the 2012 municipal election had a cost of R$ 395,279,694.00 (US$ 188,224,140)."

“I gave my e-vote. This is not only convenient, but a vote of confidence to one of the best IT systems in the world, a vote of confidence to the Estonian State”

"Smartmatic’s ePen solution was easy to use and reduced the time it normally takes to collect, validate and publish election results."

"A model of transparency and positive testament to the strength and vitality of democracy in the Philippines."

“The biometric system was successfully used both in our province and in other regions of the country such as Chaco, Corrientes, Jujuy, Formosa and Misiones.”

“… this experience was fruitful from two different standpoints: on one hand, it worked properly and without issues, and on the other hand, it dissuaded people from voting multiple times in different provinces."

"The voting machines have been friendly to use (…). It is efficient, quick and transparent, which is what we are most interested in."

"The final voter register contained 3,178,663 citizens. Stakeholders, including civil society organisations who observed the registration exercise, consider the voter register to be inclusive and credible."

“Biometric kits will ensure that every Sierra Leonean is registered and the issue of double registration or [double] voting will be put to rest.”

“The process of voter identification through the VADs [voter authentication devices] was conducted efficiently.”

"The deployment of biometric verification devices at polling stations across the country was very successful, and it had a significant impact on the credibility of the presidential, legislative and local council Ugandan elections."

"Because the elections were peaceful and credible, the peso recovered."

"Come election day, Filipinos created one of the largest paper audit trail in the history of elections with over 43 million voter-marked ballots and corresponding voter receipts, as well as over 2 million count reports, all available for auditing."

Democracy Watch Report | The Philippines, 2016

"What must be clear is that the Venezuelan electoral process provides every guarantee that is need to cast a vote. Everything is very well organized. It's a solid process."

“The turnkey solution operated perfectly and all tasks were carried out on time and in a very professional way. The Smartmatic staff that assisted our IT engineering team performed an outstanding work.”

"The Commission on Elections deserves much appreciation for its management of a process, seen by many as highly credible, clean, and honest."

The Makati Business Club (MBC)|
The Philippines, 2016

"In less than an hour we surpassed 85% of the vote count in the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. The e-voting project has been a success in the province."

"This project allowed people with disabilities, the elderly, and women who were pregnant or holding children in their arms to exercise their right to vote more easily."

"All Swiss companions are very impressed by the perfection of the electoral system, the quality of democracy that we have seen."

"It’s the most comprehensive electronic system I’ve seen in the world, because every step is automated."

"I know the voting systems in South America, and I can affirm with full authority that Venezuela has one of the most advanced and reliable systems in the region and the continent."

"Clean, honest election always reassures investors about the stability of the country."

"The strength of the Venezuelan electoral process resides on the automated voting and vote counting system (...) The automated voting system in Venezuela can be audited at every stage".

“We were encouraged to see so many Filipinos expressing their views and differences during the campaigns and making their voices heard at the polls today.”

U.S. Embassy in a statement |
The Philippines, 2013

"I’m smiling again. The automation is a success."

"...That’s the beauty of automation. There’s no room for cheating."

"We are pleasantly surprised by the great technological advance that a biometric voter registry represents for Bolivian elections."

Carter Center logo

“The current system, in place for the last five national votes, has reliably protected the integrity of the automated voting process”.

"The voting system in place in Venezuela is transparent and together with Brazil’s, is one of the most up-to-date."

"This voting system [Smartmatic] is designed in such a way that it is not possible to manipulate final results."

"The system [from Smartmatic] developed in Venezuela is probably the most advanced system in the world to date."

EU Mission Final Report |
Venezuela, 2005

"Our observations confirm that the process took place without problems, and that the results were transmitted quickly in the great majority of cases."

"If they can do it in Venezuela, I think we can do it here in the United States, too."