Smartmatic joins election experts to discuss the future of US elections

United States, Washington D.C. - February 17, 2017 - During the 2017 Winter Conference of the National Association of Secretaries of States (NASS), state government and industry leaders discussed the current standing of the U.S. elections and other important topics in federal and state policymaking.

Smartmatic, the world’s leading elections company, was present at the event to share its experience modernizing elections around the globe and demonstrate its innovative technology.

With an election cycle behind, one which saw a swirl of stories about potential “election hacking”, “fake news” and fraud accusations, attendees discussed the far-reaching implications these phenomena had on the credibility of elections and how to improve the integrity of future electoral processes.
The conference agenda included a wide range of topics, from voter registration technologies to curb fraud and maximize efficiency, to cybersecurity threats, aging voting machine replacement and voter education efforts.

According to Robert Cook, President of Smartmatic U.S., “The last election demonstrated how drastically the election landscape has changed in recent years. This conference gave us an excellent chance to debate about the integrity of future U.S. elections and the role technology can play to make them more secure and transparent.”

On November 9 - 16, Smartmatic conducted a research project to gauge the opinion of voters and poll workers on the U.S. Presidential election. The study revealed that one in five American voters do not fully trust that the national election results were accurately tabulated. It also revealed that trust reached only 56% among African-Americans and 69% among Hispanics.

“In the elections ecosystem there is broad consensus regarding the need to increase the credibility of elections. Our own research, which we shared with some of the attendees, suggests that low levels of trust are hindering our democracy. In spite of that, we are optimistic. Solutions to these challenges are within our reach. The survey also revealed that the majority of voters (69%) and poll workers (82%) support legislations that would advocate for or fund improvements to U.S. voting technology.” added Mr. Cook.

During the NASS event, held in Washington DC on February 15-17, Smartmatic demoed its voting machine A4-500, the vote counting machine SAES-1800plus, all solutions specifically customized for the U.S. election market.