Smartmatic to provide technology for the upcoming elections in Argentina

London, United Kingdom – June 4, 2019 - Smartmatic, the world’s leading elections technology company, will provide Argentine election authorities with a fully-verifiable solution to process provisional results during the upcoming 2019 national elections. These include the primaries in August, the general elections in October and a possible presidential runoff in November.

Smartmatic was selected by Correo Argentino (the Argentine post), the state company in charge of election logistics in a public bidding, where the London-headquartered company passed all the technical requirements and presented the best financial proposal. After besting other bidders, Smatmatic was awarded the contract to transmit provisional results from polling places to the consolidation center.

Smartmatic’s proposal cuts the costs of processing results from the 2015 elections.

Smartmatic has helped some 25 election commissions process more than 4 billion votes around the world. It is currently providing technology and services to election authorities in Los Angeles, Denmark, Belgium, London, and Estonia.

"Around the world, election management bodies are leveraging technology to make their processes more efficient and transparent. We are pleased to accompany Argentina in this undertaking," said Pedro Mugica, president of Smartmatic Latin America.

In 2017 the National Electoral Chamber of Argentina selected Smartmatic to validate the identity of voters in six northern provinces (Chaco, Corrientes, Jujuy, Formosa, Misiones, and Salta), and fourteen municipalities of Greater Buenos Aires. In 2015, Smartmatic provided technology to process provisional results in the province of Cordoba.