Smartmatic awards winners of photo contest

Manila, The Philippines - September 8, 2016 - Smartmatic recently awarded the winners of its Transparency 2016 Election Photo Contest, which was organized in cooperation with the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF).

Smartmatic Philippines General Manager Elie Moreno, who presided the ceremony, thanked the winners and all participants. He also conferred a plaque of appreciation and a cash donation to the FPPF for its valuable contribution to the success of the contest.

“Through the eyes of these sensitive photographers we captured a very humane side of elections. This is a wonderful initiative that helps us showcase the beauty of what we do,” stated Moreno said, adding that they were “grateful and overwhelmed by the number of great photos that poured in. Unfortunately, we had to narrow our selection to only a few.”

Jijo De Guzman, a veteran photographer who also worked as a volunteer for the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, took the grand prize after submitting a black and white photo of a Catholic nun and a Muslim woman voting.

According to De Guzman, elections can be a powerful tool to transcend differences in cultures, beliefs, and religions. “During elections, we all set that aside to do something out of love for country.”

Bernardino Testa and Jhun Dantes were awarded 2nd Place and People’s Choice respectively.

Smartmatic handed out an 11” Macbook Air for the Grand Prize, an iPhone 5s for the 2nd Prize, an iPad mini for the 3rd Prize and a 5,000PHP Abenson Gift Card for the People’s Choice Award, plus plaques.  

The ceremony was held in the Smartmatic Philippines office in Taguig, and was attended by photographers, Smartmatic staff and members of the press.

The winning photos and other entries may be viewed at