Ugandan and Philippine success stories presented in Namibia

London, United Kingdom - June 28, 2016 - Smartmatic presented two of its most recent successful deployments during the 12th International Electoral Affairs Symposium 2016 held in Namibia.

In March, Smartmatic participated in Uganda’s General Elections. For this deployment, the company provided a full-fledged biometric voter verification solution comprising 32,000 biometric devices. This experience proved particularly enriching as countries around the world are adopting Biometric technology to improve transparency and administer poll centers more efficiently.
On May 9, Smartmatic provided technology and services to help conduct the world’s largest deployment of electronic vote counting technology the 2016 Philippine local and national elections. This third automated Philippine election has been praised by technology experts, election watchdog groups and election observation missions. The Carter Center said in a report issued recently that based on its observation, “most electoral stakeholders seemed to feel that the automated elections of 2016 marked a significant improvement over previous Philippine elections”.

The three-day symposium organized by the International Center for Parliamentary Studies, brought together election management bodies and many other relevant stakeholders from around the world to discuss the challenges in election management.